Saturday, July 3, 2010


Some bands are only known by a handful of people but you can be sure that this little amount of fans are totally wild about ‘em.
Every musicfan can come up with such bands and For Against are such a band as well.
I mean, I know nobody who is aware of For Against and isn’t in love with them.
This band from Nebraska already started their post-punkadventure in 1984 which was a nice mixture of the coldness of Factory-influences and the warm dreampop of what was once 4-AD.
This sound got them immediately on the legendary Independent Projects label, an institute that by many 80’s fans is seen as the American version of Factory.
After some line-upchanges and 8 albums, these Americans are back on the front and they just keep on doing in what they’re best : making excellent dreampop and shoegaze.
Their dreampop always had hints to British examples (Pale Saints, Felt, Dif Juz) and that’s not different on this new album.
Nine songs are taking you on a journey that’s been made from a carpet of shoegazeguitarsounds.
Still can’t decide if it’s funny or tragic that one of the mothergroups of the dreampopscene releases a new album in this shoegazeboom where changes are big that youngsters who come up with one EP are running away with the victory.
But then again, life has never been fair cuz if it was, For Against would have been huge.
Buy this cd!

On the website of the label you can find some mp3’s and you’ll see that this label has re-released their three first classics “Echelons”, “December” en “In the marshes” as well.

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