Wednesday, July 14, 2010


One of the strangest albums we got here at The Original Sin office is the latest offering by das Praparat.
This duo exists from Dr. Hyde and Nachtschwester K and for anyone who’s familiar in the synthpoprange will immediately recognize that this is a side-project from Welle:Erdball.
The music from Welle:Erdball always was just a happy thing but this album here has only one subject : child abuse and paedophilia.
Those who think that this will end up in something heavy is totally wrong as this is synthpop with a jazzy undertone, and if it’s not it’s more EBM-oriented.
It’s not that retro as Welle:Erdball, but it’s just strange to see such a subject being packed in such a musicstyle even if the lyrics itself aren’t that light anyway.
You have the childish innocence from the kid who knows not that there is something not right at all.
A very courageous effort for its subject but with that alone you don’t score a genius album…”Unschuldblicke” has its merits, it’s a nice break from the usual Welle:Erdballsound (and perhaps better than their latest offering) but all a bit too bland….

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