Tuesday, July 13, 2010


From the moment The Clash and Sex Pistols hit the streets I guess that every town had its local punks.
Some of these release were like ultra-limited 7”inches, not even mentioning all those tapes.
Just to point out that it’s not easy for a punkfanatic to find all these releases, but luckily enough for the musiclover there are labels around who are taking care of those mighty releases just like Indiana Jones would do…or even better!!!
Bristol Archive Records is a label as such as they’re trying to capture all the releases from Bristol bands who were doing their things in the punk and post-punkdays.
The first band we are investigating here are The Cortinas and you were right by guessing so, they’re named after that famous Ford model and on the sleeve from this cd they are even posing in front of one!
When being at school, five guys decided that 1976 was the time to rock the nation and form a punkband, an idea that was encouraged by one Mark Stewart!
Their aim was to play raw fast punk and the coincidence (in history all coincidences are possible) they met one Hugh Cornwell at the pavement who offered them some time later being the support from The Stranglers’ concert at the mighty Roxy Club (every punkband with some name played there, it was at Convent Garden in London).
They released some singles, Peelie went awol over them and offered them a session (or what have you thought anyway?), they made it as cover from the only punkzine that mattered “Sniffin’ Glue” and then it was over and out…
MK1 releases the collection of their singles and demos in a very beautiful way and this melodic old school punk is a must, just because of its sound…
I mean : forget all that “I wanna be as arty as possible” and release some straight punkrock like those dudes did decades ago!!!!
This release is available in all different formats, but the vinylcopies are limited to 500 copies.

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