Sunday, July 4, 2010


Ever thought about it how it has to feel if you’re a soldier who’s wearing a gasmask and being sent to the fields of torture?
Right we agree that there are much more better things to think about but if you’re longing for the answer then the newest offering from Gradual Hate might be an answer to it!
Gradual Hate are a Spanish EBM-indusband consisting of Miguel LS and Avencio DM.
This duo from Valencia are definitely not the type of band that can be put in one category as one of their releases is a spoken word cd with the artist Kenji Siratori, but this “Asphyxiated World” is something totally different.
With a subject like such you would expect it to be some dark and sober industrecord but everything is more like a dark electrothing that is overruled by beats (which have of course a very claustrophobic character) added with distorted vocals that makes it all perfect to be played in some club.
Sometimes quite brutal (even a bit like Funkervogt, only not that ordinary), sometimes trashy (think Wumpscut), sometimes danceable, sometimes aggressive…to say it in much shorter words : it’s the kind of a perfect EBM-record that is added with a brilliant sense of adventure and dark indusinfluences.
Even if we’re entering a summer in which you won’t think of gasmasks, it’s recommended though…

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