Friday, July 9, 2010


I can’t think of that many bands who are sounding very close to Kraftwerk without being a failure. I guess Komputer and Dust Of Basement might be an exception, and from now on, you can add Munich Syndrome to that list as well.
Munich Syndrome is very clear about it that Kraftwerk is the inspiration (on the cover you can notice those typical robots behind a synthesizer that were used by some lads from Dusseldorf) and yet, Munich Syndrome is a musical project with a very own face.
This release comes from an American (David B. Roundsley) and it sounds from the first to the last second very European and that’s cuz this artist has been inspired from everything that sounds electronic.
Be it the more commercial European pop (hello Giorgio Moroder) to the more EBM-oriented beats from Front 242, you hear it somewhere in Munich Syndrome.
Munich Syndrome is certainly not the first band on this planet who had this humble thought but many other projects are sounding dated where it’s nothing but a copy, but as said before Munich Syndrome resolved this danger into some great songs (or sounds) which makes this album an electronic adventure with both analogue sounds and trancy soundscapes.

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