Tuesday, July 13, 2010


When writing this blog I must admit that sometimes I have the time of my life, but sometimes it all feel hopeless too.
For years I write about the tiniest bands ever but there are moments that I’m aware that so called beloved “big bands” are obscure as well.
On this evening for instance, I wanna share some thoughts about Felt. This duo are in my opinion a well respected band but if you walk on the street and if you meet within 24 hours one person who has ever heard of time, you can drink yourself to death on my costs.
So I guess you agree with me that they’re obscure…
Despite having released 10 albums, despite being hailed by Alan McGee who gave them a 2nd chance on Creation or despite the fact that Belle & Sebastian name them as a major influence…Felt are unknown territory.
Keymember from this romantic troubadourband is one Lawrence who had a crush on the songwriting skills from one Tom Verlaine (at least I hope this f*** world knows who Television was) and on the mighty Cherry Red-label Lawrence composed one album after another with drummer Gary Ainge being the sole vast member of the band.
The “highlight” of their career came when Cocteau Twins’ guitarist Robin Guthrie produced their “Ignite the seven canons”-albums with even the vocal help from madame Elizabeth Frazer.
Twenty years later I suppose no one buys their cd’s even if they are priced as 1 Euro and regarding all the dumb bullshit we hear day after day, it’s another shame this world has to face…a cultural shame, don’t get me started about the rest…

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