Sunday, July 4, 2010


Totally agree that it is a very morbid title as a section but then again, just imagine that a second comes when you drop dead and you still haven't got time left for hearing a cd that can change your world.
I admit again that if you hear an album during the last hour of your life that it can't change your life but then again...
Look, we're not going to do biographies as therefore you got people who wanna spend their time on Wikipedia.
We just pick up albums and you do what you wanna do, listen or skip to the next section (...or going to another site).
Do you know Minimal Compact?
I hope so for you as if not, you can starting checking out their whole backcatalogue.
Minimal Compact were from Israel (well, their drummer is from Holland) and even if it's very unhip if you're coming from Israel, at least if you're in an European Wave-sounding band, Minimal Compact were hip.
In fact, Minimal Compact were one of the hippest bands ever and some years ago they played the best gig I saw in my life (even if I sometimes think that Fields Of The Nephilim deserve that honour).
Minimal Compact made a sort of strange post-punk that was enriched with Israelian sounds.
I tried checking out many other Israelian bands but it never worked, and somewhere I guess it is because there's no Malka Spigel in them.
For some it might not be their best, but "The figure one cuts" is certainly their darkest and that's not in the least due to John Fryer's production.
Every song bathes in a strange melancholic atmosphere that is full of decadence.
Highlights....every song is a winner, there's even a killer version from "Immigrant song" by Led Zeppelin.
If you scroll down to their My Space-page, click "Dedicated" which is not on this album but you'll feel how a band can change your life...

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