Sunday, January 31, 2010


Do you believe me if one of the finest synthpopacts from today can be found in Moscow? Nah, you don't believe me and I wouldn't believe it myself without hearing their music.
Anyway, this trio (Dima, Boris and Anton) are making electropop just like if 1987 was never away, like if time stood still...and the greatest thing is that it doesn't sound dated at all!
Just like every synthpopband they sound a lot like Depeche Mode, but for anyone who is not too lazy, they will certainly hear that these boys have the talent of coming up with some real tunes. Cos that's the problem with many synthpopbands, they have a nice sound but forget to write songs. Tesla Boy are not like this, they can write decent tunes and if it'll be 1987 again I'm sure they could be next to OMD or Alphaville.
Maybe there is still some future left for new romantics and if this scene ever will come back again, Tesla Boy will be on top of it!

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