Friday, January 29, 2010


There is something between Sweden and perfect popmusic. Whether it's the water or the sexy Swedish girls is something that hasn't been solved yet, but thing is that Boat Club, who are from Gothenburg, are once again a Swedish popband who came up with the perfect popsound. Boat Club are Andreas and Magnus who recently released the "Caught in the breeze"-EP on the Luxury-label.
And now of course the question that's on your lips : how does it sound then?
Well, let's say it is ethereal dream pop that makes you feel like you're on some beach in Hawai which is kind of logic if you have a band name that is Boat Club, not?
But it is of course more than that, imagine the popbeat from New Order, the heavenly popatmosphere from early Factorybands like The Wake and all this added with the romantic touch of a Sarahband like let's say Field Mice.
You got it? This is dreampop for dreamers, a heavenly synthpopsound that feels like the best cocktail you ever drank. Enough of my lyrical nonsense, now it's time to listen!!!!

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