Friday, January 29, 2010


Quite funny how many bands are named with a velocet...there was the Wiiija-band Velocette, experimental Britpoppers Campag Velocet and now a band from Tourcoing (that's in France,yup) are called Moloko Velocet!
If they are named after milk (moloko is Russian for milk) or after the drink from "A clockwork orange" is beyond me, but what I do know is that this band have recently released an EP (it's called, ahum, Moloko Velocet) on which they can be proud of. From the early start you feel like you're entering some unknown Pink Floyd-album (the Syd Barrett-years of course) but as soon as the vocals from Maria Mackenzy start you notice, you're dealing with a very special band.
Not only are you paralyzed by Maria's vocals, there are also the slide-guitars that are giving you a specific 60's psychedelic feeling, even if the music itself has a quite modern sound.
Think early Pink Floyd, Mazzy Star, Galaxie 500, Spacemen 3, even some Nico and above all a French band who have found a very original sound. Too genius to be forgotten.

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