Sunday, January 31, 2010


Bands who are giving away their new album as a free download? What do you think of that? I know what's on your mind, you say it's cool but it's also because it only deserves to be given away for free.
That's correct for many bands but not for the Canadian band Azeda Booth (repeat that 5 times when you're drunk!).
As said their latest release "Tubtrek" is free and you're really some dumbass if you'll miss that. Why? Simply because these Canadians are making heavenly shoegazepop that's been combined with modern electronic sounds.
They think themselves that their music can be labelled as cherry pop and even if I do agree I say : if you let Aphex Twin remix the early Slowdive-releases you're already halfway there! A band you have to follow and it even doesn't cost you a penny!!!!

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