Thursday, January 28, 2010


A good beginning is something of an essence, not? I mean, if you start a blog or fanzine (or whatever?) and the first band you review is shit you know you won't have that many future readers so it has to be a good one! Well, I truly do believe in them! It's even a band from whom I think that one day will be playing in big venues, but then again everything's possible....
Enough of my bollocks, you read this cause you wanna know how they sound like! Ironically I read several reviewers that linked them to Fleet Foxes and that's only because folky indierockbands are these days automatically be compared with them.
This trio (the singer Jill is American, Nick is from Wales and Gregor is from Scotland) already have supported British Sea Power and that already says something about the power these people have.
It's lo-fi folk with strong guitaroutbursts with songs that are as sharp as what PJ Harvey did on her debutalbum with a light psychedelic touch. Lots of words to describe a good band and as God served us with bright technology these days you can check it all out yourselves. Do it!

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