Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hello dear all,
some of you might remember the name of "The Original Sin" as a fanzine on paper. It was known as the fanzine that features small and unsigned bands, all styles. We did 41 issues and what a time it was! But I had to give it up as the zine took too much money from me and you can't live forever on the costs of your parents (sorry ma and pa!!!!) so unfortunately it came to an end. Tried for a while on-line but in all honesty, despite the great help from Dennis Ohrt, the e-zine died simply because I don't know enough from computers and software to give it a go. But now there's something called blogging!!! So this is the reborn Original Sin!!!! It will be the same as we used to giving small bands a chance and mix that with some great names so you'll keep on reading!!!
Having said that, I don't wanna be the victim from my zine. I mean, I review what I want so there's no need to ask "Where's the review you promised????" cos this is my zine, my music and not a collection of free ads from some unsigned bands who think they're the next new Beatles and besides we don't need any new Beatles so leave me alone.....
For the rest we will do what we did : kicking the underground with great reviews, interviews and all the things that made The Original Sin, The Original Sin....Kick out the jams!!!!!!

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  1. Heja Didier!
    Best wishes for the new start, hope enough gasoline is on board + the engines are ready for take off! Page is bookmarked!

    Cheers Northern Star