Sunday, January 31, 2010


Today they might be among the "unknown pleasures" from this blog but soon this band will be big, you just feel that. Esben and the witch, are a band from Brighton, who are named after a Danish fairytale and it's not just the name itself that has a fairy tale-connection.
Their music is a quite interesting mix from industrial beats (think Einsturzende Neubauten) mixed with ethereal voices (think Cranes).
In some weeks they'll have a 7"inch out (available through Rough Trade) but if you're too far away from that recordshop it might be a consolation that their current release, the mini-album "33" is out for free download (click on the website below to see the details).
Esben and the Witch are an essential addition for everyone who's into bands like Miranda Sex Garden, Lydia Lunch or so many other female performers who aren't afraid to do the unusual. Be one of the first ones to check 'em out!!!

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