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Who are endgestalt and how would you describe your music?

kreon: endgestalt is a music project founded in 2008 by two guys who wanted to contribute their music to the dark scene. Our music is kind of electro, with elements of dark electro, ebm, industrial, techno and more. It has these crazy horror-style-elements and can sometimes be very violent and filthy, filled with a good dose of irony. Our songs can be compared with short movies or they are an homage to existing movies.
We don´t want to set ourselves boundaries, but it should sound dark.

“elektrokution” is a cd that got released by your own.
Was this a decision that’s been forced or something you want to do yourself?

c_PA: “elektrokution” was our first common project with the serious goal to produce a CD on our own.
For this reason, we wanted to get the entire know-how of doing a CD production.

It might be a tricky question but some bands prefer being independent as they always gather control over their music. What do you think?

kreon: We love independence. Of course it´s hard work and you can't do everything what a record label could do for you but it is worth it.
We can release songs whenever we want or give our CD to others as a gift. Everything is possible and we won’t accept compromise in cover, titles, etc.

To me your music is like you pick up a certain idea from reality or from history and that you built a song out of that. Correct or wrong?

c_PA:Yes and no. Sometimes we have a couple of ideas and build a storyboard out of that and sometimes we just start making music and think of the right ambiance, after we finished the song halfway.

kreon: For me the songs represent our feelings. My biggest wish was to make movies or to paint pictures showing the weird stuff I think about. But movies are expensive and I'm not able to paint all the scenery so that you feel what's going on. So I decided to use my skills as a musician and let the audience feel what I see or get their own impressions as they would by watching a picture.

Sometimes I don’t know what to think…are these two just having some fun or do they really try to have a message?

c_PA: I think we have a good mixture of it and even our ''funny'' party songs have a message. It depends on what the listener makes out of that. It´s like “Fuck u to death”, you can just dance to it or try to find the point we imagined.

You are the kind of band who aren’t afraid of controversies….”Fuck u to death” speaks for itself and my German knowledge is enough to understand “Shockintronics”….

c_PA: Thanks, we regard this as a compliment. Conformance is not one of our best properties. (laughs)

How do you parents react if you show them your cd that contains a track named “Fuck u to death”?

kreon: We are sons that make our parents proud (laughs). It doesn't matter what our parents think about such a title. For us it is only a story that we want to tell. A story about a little girl....

Quite nice cover….is that a real model or something computerized?

c_PA:Yes, it´s a real model, called Miss Overdose. We had the great honour that Martin Black made the pictures for our cover. He is our favourite scene photographer and in our opinion one of the best on this damn fucking planet.

kreon: That's right, thank you Martin, we love your artwork! Just take a look on his page,

Any idea how the reaction in hometown Germany are so far to the cd….I mean is it a long way to go or are you still halfway there?

kreon: We could hear our own music in clubs or on webradio stations and we had releases on several samplers. Sometimes we get fan mail that wish the best for us or we get requests from people who want to get our CDs. So I think, we have achieved a lot in this short time, and I think we can do more. At the beginning of our project I said to c_PA, that it would be so great if they played our songs in a club. It took only 4 weeks after starting the project, and today we can promote our own CD release.

Do you know why Germany still has such a massive goth/EBM-audience?

c_PA: I think many Germans don´t have a problem to be non-conform, like not believing in god or believing what the political authorities preach to you. They just do their thing and that´s a part of the goth/EBM-audiance. It´s a lifestyle!

What’s the greatest thing about being a musician?

kreon: I make music since “forever”. Music means everything to me. And for me it is such a good feeling to create my own music. And of course we do it for the audience. It is so great when people listen to our music and like it.

Sorry, but everyone is tortured to this….what’s your fave record of all time and please state why….

c_PA: Instead of “elektrokution”??? (laughs)
That is “Rammstein – Das Model”, because I fucked my first girlfriend to this song (laughs)

kreon: I think it has to be RAMMSTEIN – Herzeleid. The sound of that album was a revolution to my ears and the lyrics are burned into my brain forever. This album has everything I want to listen to: violence, straight riffs played by a hard sounding guitar and lyrics that could be out of hell. And the best: You can even dance to it when listening to the sound of a reloading shotgun. ''Wollt ihr das Bett in Flammen sehen?'' I thought I want to see the whole world in flames. (laughs)

Last words are yours….

both: We want to thank our fans and everybody who supports us. Thank you! Without your help many things wouldn't be possible.

Thank you

both: Thank you, too.

Vielen dank!!!!

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