Sunday, June 13, 2010


Are there still people on this planet who have never heard about The National?
Whether you want it or not, their “Boxer”-album from 2007 has been declared more than one as the albums of the decennium.
Even Obama used one of their songs in his election campaign and over here in Belgium their forthcoming concert in Belgium was sold out in less than a day.
With all these graceful words it’d be quite hard for them to come up with the following up and it will only be the future that will decide if this “High Violet” will go the same way or not.
If they ever ask you to sum up this album in one word then that word can be : beautiful….and that’s not only because of the voice from Matt Berninger.
From the moment that they start this album with “Terrible Love” you feel that you will be bounded to your chair for the next 45 minutes.
In a way you can state that this album is a perfect balance in times as this bunch from Brooklyn use the new wave revival (“Anyone’s ghost” sounds as Joy Division whereas “Conversation 16” is like Editors with a chorus of angels) while other songs are doing it the Americana-way (“Runaway” sounds very much like Leonard Cohen and on closing song “Vanderlyle Crybaby geeks” you can hear Bon Iver).
Far too early to state that this will be a timeless record but I know that during the coming months this cd will always be hanging around my cd-player….

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