Sunday, June 20, 2010


A few weeks ago I was thrilled by the newest single “Neutral Eyes” by the duo Neutral Lies and somewhere I got the feeling that this would be the foretaste of something quite beautiful….and look right now in front of my eyes : “A Deceptive Calm”.
This duo is formed by the likes of Jean-François Dean and Nicolas Delbarre, two people who knew immediately that they were musically on the same wavelength and little by little it grew as Neutral Lies.
Anyone who mentions synthpop, mentions of course Depeche Mode and of course this is the kind of record that will remind you of what Gahan and C° were doing on their earlier records, but Neutral Lies are much more than that.
Just like it’s the case with other synthpopreleases you tend to think of Wolfsheim or Melotron, but people who are into this genre know that these bands are something like the cream of the crop from this musicstyle.
Maybe it has something to do with the fact that they’re French but sometimes they enrich their synthpop with the atmosphere of the one which was created by 80’s French coldwave-acts like Mary Goes Round or Little Nemo.
The eighties are indeed the key here even if these guys are in for bands who put everything out of their technical equipment, and so it happens that for some reason they don’t like bands who just are using analogue sounds.
Sometimes their sound is as cold as the cdsleeve but it’s just that which makes Neutral Lies such an unique band.

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