Saturday, June 12, 2010


Even if I never hated Nirvana, I never liked it when bands got compared to them.
I guess it has something to do with the fact that I heard too many clones who responsible for making the 90’s one of the worst decades in music.
For reasons I never got to understand this trio from London are compared with them anyway…
Okay, they’re a trio, they have a raw energy (Nirvana were sounding energetic on “Bleach”) and their debut happen to be released on Subpop as well.
Male Bonding might be the most punksounding band you can meet today and their sound is a real attack to the likes of Arcade Fire or Animal Collective, all genius bands but they seem to get drown into their own created psychedelica.
It happens to be one of the dirtiest records you’ll hear this year as it comes quite close to the early years of The Fall, The Ramones or The Buzzcocks but with the sound of an airjet.
If you add to that some shoegaze (My Bloody Valentine, Jesus and The Mary Chain) and raw noise-rock (Husker Dü) then Male Bonding can be described as one of the most promising guitaracts of this moment.
“Nothing Hurts” is the ideal middle finger to show people who are misusing our beloved music to rape it with their misplaced intellectualism.
If Male Bonding were around in 1977 then they once would become legends.

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