Monday, June 21, 2010


What is with Vikings and music?
Some of our readers will come up with Vikingmetal, while others will mention Trike but this band has absolutely nothing in common with that type of music, mind you!
Their story is just a bit like the one you see at those dreadful MTV-rockumentaries.
One day two Canadians (Xania Keane and Stephen Paul Taylor) decided to do an European tour but as they were a bit addicted to the holy trilogy of sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll they ended up being completely drunk in Berlin and ended up without money to return to their hometown Canada.
Don’t ask us how they managed to travel to Denmark but they did and rented there some room which was next door to an old Viking cemetery and as some local dealer provided them with some Yamaha-equipment they ended up writing songs there….
Admit it, you couldn’t think of that (neither could I…).
And even if it might be the ultimate rocktale it has not that much in common with a Vikingtale as such cuz their music is a curious mix from croonerstuff and old school new wave in the American way.
But more new wave in a dirty way or what do you think from one-liners such as “I won’t refuse to lick you but only if you have not been jogging”, “I touched her dirty body” or “I’m so fuckable” (it makes look “Push It” by Salt ‘n Peppa bland).
There’s another song on here called “ My Little Pony” and we leave it up to your imagination what they mean here.
Hilarious lyrics, but what about the music?
Well, of course the band that spring most to mind must be Devo though and that’s the sort of music you’ll like or completely dislike I guess.
Stephen sounds a bit as Jarvis Cocker in a voyeuristic way while Xania sounds like she’s soliciting to be part of The Slits.
These Canadians found a home by the Belgian label Cheap Satanism and let us put it this way : it’s the kind of music you haven’t heard that much!

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