Saturday, September 11, 2010


Can you tell us what XMH actually means?

XMH is the short term for Xenomorph which is the name of the alien from that same movie. Being a sci-fi fan I was fascinated by that name but having a look on the net we soon found out that there are already bands around who had the same idea.
I decided to take the first and last letter and the one in the middle and that’s the sole explanation XMH has….

You just have released your latest cd “State of muind” and this could be the cd that will make it….I only see positive reviews!

And that makes us very happy indeed! The big papers like Sonic Seducer, Zillo, Gothic, Negatief and so were all wild about our release. We put a lot of work in”State Of Mind” and the positive response is like a reward for the hard work that’s been done.
Of course it’s great for making our name a bit more known. I really do hope that our sound reaches as many ears as possible and that it will open new doors to us. The only way we see is the one forward!

But being part of the scene means working very hard….what motivates you?

I know it sounds like the biggest cliche there is but my biggest motivation is the love for music and my wish to become a better musician.
Of course it is really motivating seeing people are reacting on what we’re doing and for achieving that you have to develop yourself constantly. The hard work is something I accept, nothing annoying at all….

Just like every band in the genre I guess you have Germany and Belgium in mind…

Especially the reactions from Germany are positive, even more as we ever wished for. Belgium isn’t that great for the moment as things go rather slowly but everything we get is positive as well. You see we’re not complaining at all!

When I was looking at some information on the net about your band I noticed some local reviews who have to ridiculize the whole scene though…. Howx do you react to such things?

Most of the times I don’t care about such reviews. But I must say that it is a shame that it are those who are complaining that the scene is dead are also those who do anything to slash it down. All they do is complaining instead of bringing up some good alternatives.
It looks like they are looking for something to slash down as if they are looking for things to blame.

There are some bands from Holland which are very big from Within Temptation, Grendel to Clan Of Xymox…but it feels like there is no scene over there.

There is a scene in Holland you know. But comparing it with other countries, I tend to say the public is much younger. Honestly said it’s not that very well accepted by the big audience even if our country is famous for being open minded.
Maybe it’s because of that you think there is no scene, but there is one believe me…

XMH is compared quite a lot with Suicide Commando….

Of course I can’t say this isn’t true at all. Suicide Commando is in our genre such a long active band and of course they influenced us, so I am sure you will hear some comparisons too.
But we did it without wanting to but XMH is part of a scene in where such comparisons are inevitable.
Having said that, if they wanna compare us with acts that has been so long in the scene then that’s fine by us!

Where do you find your inspiration?

A bit from everywhere in fact. Films, movies, news, personal things of course other music in every possible genre.

I read once that you started the band because of the love for Hocico and now you’re sharing the stage with Erk and Rasco. How does that feel?

Well, XMH came later and Hocico is a reason but of course not the main reason. I used to play in several metalbands but it was thanks to Hocico that I got into the electronic scene and so far I still have lots of respect for them.
Knowing that I will be with them on stage in both Antwerp and Rotterdam gives me a good feeling, yeah……

What’s your fave record of all time and please state why….

Really too many to come up with one. I love music no matter which genre. It really depends on my mood which record I will state as my fave.
If you should ask me now then I go for “Navras” by Juno Reactor.

What can the audience expect from the show you’ll be doing in Antwerp?

An explosive show at where you foot will command you to dance.

And the last words are yours….

Come to Antwerp at 12th November, be free, become fan, buy or music, send spam around the world that we’re genius…but serious now : please come and enjoy Hocico but be sure to be early so you don’t miss our show and we can drink a beer during Hocico.

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