Sunday, September 5, 2010


Hello, most people will know you, of course from Project Pitchfork.
I just asked myself : why does someone who plays in such a legendary band decides to form a second band?

PETER SPILLES: I guess that‘s because artistically and musically I have a lot more to give. There are many dimensions in my personality, and they generate the multiplicity of my musical projects. I am „chronically inspired“ and a cure has not been found yet! :)
I love to experiment and to explore new musical ways. In Santa Hates You there‘s the female component which obviously is not present in Project Pitchfork, and that alone is a quite intriguing aspect. Also, the two projects are very different, musically and lyrically, too. So, as you can see, it‘s a thrilling and exciting new adventure.

Is there a sort of concept behind Santa Hates You?
I mean is this your outlet in where everything’s possible?
PS: Santa Hates You is the answer to all questions of our times. The truth in its name and lyrics are frightening and in all aspects sizzling. We don‘t limit ourselves, so everything is possible at all times without a warning sound. You have to understand, that there is no love existing in any imaginary product which is used to make you consume in a more happy mood.

“Crucifix Powerbomb” is like hearing a weird horror film in where freaks are ruling.
Is horror an important part in your life?
JINXY: I gotta say, I like your description of our album! :)
Horror per se is of course one of the many facets of life, and it wouldn‘t be possible for us to truthfully portray the contemporary society without referring to it.
But to answer your question in a much more trivial manner, I can reveal that both PS and I are huge horror movie fans.
PS: Jinxy, your choice of movies really scares me shitless. :D

Maybe life is just horror?
JINXY: Sometimes real life is even worse than the most gruesome horror movie.
PS: And sometimes horror is just a product of human fear.

There is lots of humour too and to be quite honest I normally hate that type of horrorhumor just because there are soo many clichés being overused, but it seemed like you did a more than pretty job to avoid that!

JINXY: Well, yes. :) I think that‘s because Santa Hates You is by nature the opposite of banal: we are an „anti-cliché“ band, if you will.
Our art is not created to please the masses. People may love us or hate us, but even in this second case they will have to recognize that we are not an ordinary band.
We are both creative subversives and humor is our weapon of choice to fight against the ethic-less and fraudulent world in which we live. Even when we‘re being witty, we still have something to say!

You are an artist who could profit from the big German wave, in the sense that twenty years ago mags like Zillo, Orkus and Sonic Seducer were like kings.
For or against, it helped to create a solid scene. Now this power seem to vanish, is that a good or a bad thing, you think?
PS: In my eyes it was that the bands of that time helped to evolve a scene that was worth being reported about and so there grew some former fanzines to the size
we now know as important magazines of our scene. First there was a solid scene, then there came the mags..., a magazine cannot give birth to a scene. Power is by nature not something that will last forever, so it is neither good nor bad.

Having said that, I can’t imagine that it must be easier now or am I wrong?
PS: You are wrong. :)

I always wondered, how come that Germany is the country that seems to breathe goth and EBM.
Why does Germany has such a strong link with that scene, you think?
PS: I think it is because in our catholic dominated culture there are themes blinded out which are important to have a fulfilling life. On top of that I guess Germans have a secret love for everything that is made with electricity.

Some will say Santa Hates You is a typical club album…I’ve never been to a club (haha) and I like it a lot…..
JINXY: Well, Mister, you‘ve got an exquisite taste in music, that‘s for sure! ;)
PS: “Crucifix Powerbomb” is a club album, but not only. It also has the power of turning your living room (or every other environment you choose when listening to our music) into a realm of dreams.

Recently Project Pitchfork released a new album….it seems like you’re having a busy schedule to deal with!
PS: Yes, in fact I trained myself to sleep only on sundays.

I ask this to everyone : what’s your fave record of all time and please tell why!
PS: That changes from time to time. In the moment it‘s „Crucifix Powerbomb“ Why? Just listen to it. ;)

What would you do if Santa would turn up anyway?

JINXY: Well, the first instinct would be to run away, ‘cause he‘s one creepy, evil mother fucker who hates everybody and if he‘s coming right at us, say, in a Michael Myers kind of way, his intentions cannot be that good. However, on a second thought the best thing would be to fight back in some deliciously absurd way, for example by poisoning his cookies, or by hugging him to death, or other fun stuff like that. You get the idea.
PS: I would tell a nice little rhyme to pretend I was a good boy.

You soon will be at Necropolisfestival here in Belgium.
What can the audience expect from your show?

JINXY: Some wicked, fucked up awesomeness, if you‘ll excuse my French. :D
You may wanna bring some aspirin, an umbrella, a couple of candy canes, shaving cream and an extra pair of panties.
You‘ll never know.
PS: You can expect everything...., so be prepared!

The last word is yours!!!!!

JINXY: You don‘t have to be crazy to love Santa Hates You, but it helps.
PS: It is scientifically proven that Santa Hates You loves you deeper than any regular band.

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